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Spice of Love


A Caribbean island welcomes wedding guests with the promise of romance and excitement. 

Angelina, an aspiring writer and Kai, a handsome doctor spring to action during an inflight medical emergency. Angelina’s feelings stir for Kai, her high school crush. But life is complicated, he is moving to Grenada and she is dating a famous novelist. Isn’t she?

Gretchen is a single mother with a hot new look and a bold new attitude. She meets widower, Mitchel on the flight to her friend’s wedding. But is he ready for romance? And is he the man to show her what it’s like to be loved? 

This tropical island will wash away what once was for these guests and introduce them to an unexpected spice, but will they like the new flavor of love?

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My Book

Eyes of Amber

 Do you believe in love so strong that it transcends time and generations?

Mila Roth is an eager new physician who thinks she might be luckier in finding Mr. Rightnow instead of Mr. Forever.

Leo Renner is burned out ER doc who is done playing games and wants to find the one.

Their chance encounter is arranged by fate. A secret connection will be revealed in Mila's grandmother's letters. But an unhinged stalker will stop at nothing to have Leo all to herself.

Will Mila and Leo find their happily ever after or will their love story end tragically as the one in the letters of Mila's grandmother? 

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