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Hi! Thank you for stopping by and looking around my lifestyle blog about skin care and writing. I hope you enjoy all the information and leave with good vibes and positive energy. 

My name is Anya Stassiy. I wear many shoes: comfortable mommy flats, work out sneakers, garden boots, heels at work, and super soft slippers at home. You see, there is lot I am passionate about, and for the longest time I have had separate social medial accounts for all my interests. I have @anyastassiy_dermpa on Instagram for my dermatology and beauty related content, @writing_mommy for all things about my writing. I recently discovered TikTok and post all my mommy related, funny videos under @momissue. I do have a twitter account @AStassiy, but I never really figured out how to use it to my benefit. So over the past few years I’ve accumulated a lot of creative and informative content that I wanted to have one home, one closet for all my shoes.

I have been thinking about creating a website and a blog for at least a year. It felt too daunting, too scary, too massive of a project. While spending a lot of time in quarantine and listening to a lot of awesome on line conferences, I had a chance to hear an amazing and inspiring webinar with successful aesthetic nurses who are business owners, entrepreneurs, and mommies.

Their stories and encouragement from my boss, Dr. Khrom have given the necessary push to start creating again. I decided that I will start waking up at 6.15 am  every morning and work out Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday I will commit to writing, working on my website/blog,  create more content, and start on another novel.

Wish me luck and lets be friends! 

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Don't wish for what you were not given. Don't regret what has become. Fate is what you make it to be

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